Welcome to Clean It the World

SUPPLY: 1 000 000 000 000
Website: https://clean-it-the-world.com
Apps: https://4558gg.myinstant.app/

Welcome on CLEAN IT APPS!

Who are you?

We are a team based in FRANCE, We have developed this application which will revolutionize the world! 

What is the objective of CLEAN IT?

Our goal is to clean up the planet!

How are you going to succeed?

We're gonna make it because we're gonna pay people for it!

How will you pay?

We will pay people in cryptocurrency! 

How it works? 

You will locate a dirty place and take a photo, you will clean it and take a photo,

once these two photos have been sent to our services, we will estimate your reward!

Who will finance the token? 

Cleaning the planet is a matter that concerns us all! but we are aware that not everyone wants to participate in the same way!

People who don't want to "clean up" will finance others by investing in our cryptocurrency! 

This will allow those who work to grow and increase their income and will free the conscience of those who prefer to invest and so everyone participates!

You are not afraid of scams?

As I said, the cleanliness of the environment is a matter that concerns us all! we rely on people's sincerity and our artificial intelligence image recognition software.

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